Choice of session types

Each Vita fusion workout small group session is a 55-minute-long body-sculpting, core-strengthening and muscle-lengthening “fitness concentrate” performed on purpose built reformers against a backdrop of inspiring instruction. With our smart, results-driven method you’ll burn fat right through each of our sessions and beyond, so just choose your Vita fix now and get ready to sweat your way to looking and feeling great!

Small Group

* • You can participate in asterisked sessions only if you don’t have injuries or balance issues, are not pregnant, and can sufficiently keep pace with the other clients.

  • Vita Totally Fit sessions*

    A perfect blend of reformer and cardio sequences - the movements are faster, the intensity is higher and the fat-busting is greater. Perfect for the ultimate Vita diehards who are ready to pant and sweat their way to impressive results head-to-toe!

  • Vita Dynamic*

    A unique high-energy workout that sculpts your muscles from every angle, pushes your endurance, and melts fat fast. This ever-evolving Vita signature class is one of the smartest, most effective body-transforming workouts around. Perfect for fitness addicts who live for the burn!

  • Vita Sculpt*

    A targeted combination of Vita exercises designed to firm up your soft edges, giving you a strong, contoured silhouette - we're talking lean, toned arms, and tight bottoms all round! Perfect for those who want washboard tummies and a Vita chiselled physique without the intensive core-blast!

  • Vita Core Flex*

    A core-blasting combination of Pilates and stretching moves that will loosen you up and trim you down in no time. This dynamic class will give you a super flat tummy and the flexibility of gymnast. Perfect for those who want to stretch up a sweat!

  • Vita Intro*

    An upbeat full-body workout to give you overall fitness coupled with a core of steel. Perfect to ease you into the full swing of Vita signature moves, and give your fitness a smashing boost!

  • Vita Jump Fit*

    An high-intensity, low impact class that will seriously put some springs in your steps making you enjoy a cardio fix as you lie down. Perfect for those who want to reach peak fitness in just a hop, skip and a jump!

  • Vita Core Punch*

    A heart-racing, high-repetitions blend of dynamic and boxing moves that is all core all the time. Tone, let off steam and learn to throw a solid punch in this fast paced super fun class. Perfect for those who want a core of steel, the strength of an athlete and a workout that packs a punch!

  • Vita Fit in 30*

    An upbeat 30 minutes sequence of Vita signature moves that will blast your body, target your overall fitness and give you a core of steel. Perfect for those who want to focus on that trouble spot little and often or those who want to get a Vita chiselled physique but just don't have the time for that!

  • Vita Barre Privé*

    A leg burning, high-intensity balance of Vita signature moves, yoga and ballet that doubles up at the barre for that extra lengthening, sculpting, and cardio boost. Perfect for those wanting a dancer's physique and the flexibility of a gymnast!

  • Vita One-to-One and Duet

    Try Vita cutting-edge fitness concentrate carefully crafted into your ideal one-to-one or duet workout, in our studio or in the comfort of your own home. Perfect for those who need to transform the body on a tight deadline, those looking for a bit more attention or those who simply don’t like sharing.

Special arrangements

Pre-natal and Pilates Reformer sessions are available to be booked on a one to one basis through reception. Please get in touch to discuss if we can help you and if we can’t we’ll provide with a list of the best physiotherapists, osteopaths and movement rehabilitation practitioners who you can contact!

If you have particular privacy or security needs please feel free to contact us so that special arrangements can be made with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. Alternatively if you simply wish to hire the studio for groups or events please get in touch and we’ll make sure you’ll have a great time!


For new Vita clients ...

We currently have 3 special offers to welcome you to try our studio:

1st session less than half price

Get your first Vita small group session for less than half price. Contact us.

10 Days Unlimited

Or try a 'fitness concentrate' with unlimited sessions (max one a day) within a period of 10 consecutive days for only £87. Contact us.

Blended package offer

Or get a one-to-one private session with one of our senior trainers plus two small group sessions with a saving of £74! Contact us.

NEW! Private Online Sessions!

Don't live near the studio? Get fit and feel great from the comfort of your home. Contact us.

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