Price options

All price options include VAT. Please visit the FAQs page for details of cancellation and refunds.

Offers for new Vita clients

When you register with Vita, the great news – aside from the fact that you’ve just joined London’s smartest workout! – is that there is no joining fee and no monthly membership. Instead we provide you with unmissable introductory offers to welcoming you to the studio and get you going.

  • First session half price for £17 *

    Enjoy your first Vita small group session for half price but be warned…once you’ve tried a session, you may not be able to stay away!

  • Unlimited 10-Day Pass for £87 *

    For the ultimate 'fitness concentrate', whether you have taken advantage of our half-price first session or not, sign yourself up for a 10 day pass and really kick start your new regime. You can come to a small group session every day for 10 consecutive days to find your favourite instructor and session type whilst noticing amazing results that you can then easily maintain with just one or two sessions a week.

  • 'Blended Package' for £120 *

    For the most thorough and personalized introduction to the reformers and our fusion fitness routine, the blended package is your best option. Start with a one-to-one session (usually £120 itself) and then try two small group sessions within 10 days - which we're throwing in for free! - to feel the vibe of a full small group session.

* Note that each introductory offer needs to be fully used within 1 month of purchase.


Choose the right option for you!

With our wide range of price options and various payment methods to suit different lifestyles and fitness regimes there's no excuse to miss out on your Vita dosage!

Just decide whether you want to purchase a Package (spread the cost over 3 or more months) or a Block (get everything upfront) , then take a look at the tables below to choose the Package or Block you want and once you've purchased those credits use them to book the sessions when convenient. Each credit entitles you to one of the relevant type of session. There is no 'membership' payment.

Packages and Blocks

  • Packages

    These are ideal if you want to spread the cost of sessions over 3 or 6 months with a Direct Debit scheme or monthly charge to a Credit or Debit Card.

    For all Packages (other than Unlimited Packages):

    • the monthly allocation of session credits are added to your account at the start of each month upon receipt of the payment for that month,
    • any unused sessions remain available while your package continues but must be used by the last day of your package (including as extended), and
    • if you need more sessions in a month, you have the flexibility to top up at the same rate or, if you need more or less sessions for the remaining duration of your package, you can upgrade to a bigger one or downgrade to a smaller one.

    With an Unlimited Package: you do not need to think about credits and you can attend as often as you want (max one session per day) but you can have a maximum of 5 bookings into future sessions outstanding at any one time (to give other clients fair opportunity to book ahead).

    After the minimum duration, your Package automatically extends on a monthly basis unless and until you cancel by 2 weeks prior notice.

  • Blocks

    If you prefer to avoid monthly allocations and/or monthly payments or you are in town only for short periods, opt for a Block of session credits, to be paid upfront and all the session credits are immediately added to your account, and then take another Block as and when you need.

Small Group Training - 3 or 6 Months Packages

Credits added to
your account
each month
Minimum duration
3 months
Minimum duration
6 months


4 sessions
each month

12 sessions total
£28 per session
£112 per month

24 sessions total
£26 per session
£104 per month


6 sessions
each month

18 sessions total
£26 per session
£156 per month

36 sessions total
£24 per session
£144 per month


8 sessions
each month

24 sessions total
£24 per session
£192 per month

48 sessions total
£22 per session
£176 per month


10 sessions
each month

30 sessions total
£22 per session
£220 per month

60 sessions total
£20 per session
£200 per month

Small Group Training - 1 Month Unlimited Package

Credits added to
your account
Maximum duration
1 month


Max 1 session
per day!

At max usage:
approx £10 per
£288 per month


Small Group Training - Blocks of Sessions

To be used within

1 session

£37 per session


1 month

Block of 3 sessions
£32 per session


1 month

Block of 6 sessions
£30 per session


2 months

Block of 12 sessions
£28 per session


4 months

Block of 24 sessions
£26 per session

8 months

Block of 48 sessions
£24 per session
12 months

Block of 96 sessions
£22 per session


18 months

Private One-to-One and Duet training

Price options for private One-to-One and Duet training are set out in the Private training page.


For new Vita clients ...

We currently have 3 special offers to welcome you to try our studio:

1st session less than half price

Get your first Vita small group session for less than half price. Contact us.

10 Days Unlimited

Or try a 'fitness concentrate' with unlimited sessions (max one a day) within a period of 10 consecutive days for only £87. Contact us.

Blended package offer

Or get a one-to-one private session with one of our senior trainers plus two small group sessions with a saving of £74! Contact us.

NEW! Private Online Sessions!

Don't live near the studio? Get fit and feel great from the comfort of your home. Contact us.

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