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With all the new fitness trends appearing on the scene on an almost daily basis, it can be confusing to know where to start.

And, even when you have found something that’s right for you, it can be hard to fit it into a hectic schedule and stay motivated.

Which is why at Vita we have developed the most time-efficient and addictive form of exercise to transform your life.

Vita’s dynamic high-energy, low-impact reformer sequences blend interval cardio and strength training with elements of Pilates, tightly packed into the hardest but most effective 55-minute workout you’ve ever had.

A smart workout in an equally smart setting, our expertly crafted unique system of exercise will keep your mind focused and your body guessing to increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat.

Perfect for those of you ready to take up a serious challenge with a hint of playfulness, those who prefer boutique fitness or anyone just looking for a little bit of oomph in their life!

So work up a sweat, strengthen your core, sculpt your physique, and emerge a stronger, thinner, younger and happier you.

There is only one drawback – once you try a Vita class, you will be totally hooked! But, on the plus side, you’ll have your best body yet!

Vita Boutique Fitness


For new Vita clients ...

We currently have 3 special offers to welcome you to try our studio:

1st session less than half price

Get your first Vita small group session for less than half price. Contact us.

10 Days Unlimited

Or try a 'fitness concentrate' with unlimited sessions (max one a day) within a period of 10 consecutive days for only £85. Contact us.

Blended package offer

Or get a one-to-one private session with one of our senior trainers plus two small group sessions with a saving of £70! Contact us.

More coming soon...

So please bookmark us and visit us frequently!

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